Feb 27, 2012

Medical Malpractice Overlooked In Massachusetts?

This Channel 4 I-Team investigative report describes how medical malpractice lawsuits that settle for money before trial rarely lead to doctors being disciplined. See full article here: Hundreds Of Doctors Who Settle Malpractice Claims In Mass. Are Not Held Accountable

According to the report which examined
"records for more than 16,000 doctors and found 654 of them have settled one or more malpractice claims in the last decade. Out of those, only six doctors — less than 1 percent — have been disciplined by the state board."
These findings are similar to those of a national state by state analysis by Public Citizen: State Medical Boards Fail to Discipline Doctors with Hospital Actions Against Them, as reported in sister publication NH Medical Malpractice News.